Wednesday, 31 October 2007

October Graph and November Goals

Okay, October is done. I’m quite happy with the way things went. I may not have made mega bucks but dropping down and moving to Stars was definitely a +EV decision!

Here’s the graph:

Yeah still only 24K hands but I’ve made a lot of changes to my game and playing procedures which in the long run will definitely be worth it. All together I logged 60 hours online with a multi-table ratio of 4.27. My ptbb/100 was 3.8bb/100, but I was down an extra 350BB from ‘all-in luck.’ Most of these coolers were near the end of the month where I had to endure a 7-8 buy-in downswing!

I have a new screen too so that I can extend my laptop. The result is that I can comfortably 6-table now.

So here is what I predict for November:

1) Will play 20 hours a week online: So 40K hands for the month.
2) Going to play mixed limits 100NL to 400NL: 6-tabling probably 3 tables of two different limits. i.e. 3 tables of 100NL and 3 tables of 200NL. Maybe some 400NL later.
3) Will play 10 hours a week of live cash games.

I’m not even really setting these as goals. I basically just do whatever I feel like anyway. However, I’m very confident that November will be my highest playing volume month yet.

Tonight is live cash game night so no more online play today. I guess this is still October so it won’t count towards my 10 hours a week!

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