Saturday, 20 October 2007

A look at the month so far...

Here's October so far:

The main thing to note from this graph is the transition from Ongame to Poker Stars - also a drop in limits. It's so obvious that I don't even have to tell you when it was.

Ongame is meant to be one of the fishiest sites out there and Stars one of the hardest! Actually, up until the last few months I had great success at Ongame, rising to and maintaining a +win rate at 2-4NL.

To be honest, I feel that the player database hasn't changed that much - like a sudden influx of cardrunner members! Rather, I just feel like I was burning out there. Also it's quite fidgety to multi-table well. You can't resize the tables properly and the slider is bar is crap, meaning that you're using keys a lot.

Anyway, Stars is a breath of fresh air at the moment! I can easily 6-table there and it looks a lot better. The downside is no rakeback, but I've just bought myself a new - 3rd generation - ipod nano using the FPP's! Oh and a few of those cool looking stress balls, lol.

I'm saving FPP's for a new monitor now or one of the ipod sound stations!

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