Sunday, 19 August 2007

A week of reflection

Well, this week certainly wasn’t as bad as the last. Just looking at poker tracker stats - I only managed to play 4,000 hands, but averaged 6.34ptbb/100 hands. That’s good for just over $1,000 for anyone who doesn’t know about ptbb/100. Basically a poker tracker big bet is double the big blind for whatever game you’re playing. So for 1-2NL: a bb is equal to 4 bucks. So 6 ptbb/100 would equate to $24 every 100 hands. I play four tables, so average around 400 hands per hour.

I know it doesn’t sound like I really played that much, but what you don’t know about is all the live poker I played too! I think I had three live sessions this week and can’t complain about the results J No such luck in tournaments, however. I should have played in the Poker Stars $1,000 satellite for the London EPT yesterday, but was cruelly robbed by a “runner runner” suck out on my one table satellite! Actually, that was almost one of my goals this month – (to get into the London EPT or WSOPE) – however I don’t want to blow thousands of bucks trying, so left it out! I am still trying, but not as hard as if it was a goal.

So I’ve been working hard on finding leaks in my game. I’ve tightened up my pre-flop play somewhat and adjusted my 3-betting range. I’ve also been looking into continuation bet theory again. All in all, I think I can improve my game tons! Therefore I’m setting myself some new tasks. Every week I’m going to be writing at least one essay about a certain aspect of the game. I’ve came across some great material on 2+2 and Cardrunners. Problem is… there’s just so much of it! So what I’m going to do is put it all together and come up with my own theories. Like I said, I’ve already been looking into pre-flop raising, C-betting, and 3-betting, so I think my first one will be about pre-flop raising.

Oh… did I mention the one-outer that knocked me out of a live tournament today? Ouch!

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