Monday, 4 April 2011

2 Year Update

Well, it's been a while since my last post, but since then I've played almost exclusively No-Limit Heads Up. I love this game -- and hate is sometimes too!. I haven't played very much live poker at all, and online probably only averaged 10 hours a week for the last two years. Still, I've had many months playing 30k+ hands -- which is a very decent amount for heads up. Other months I've taken breaks and hardly played at all.

Anyway, here is a my graph for the last two years:

It's okay I guess but never reached the goals I set, especially for last year. I've had very mixed results at 200-1000NL which area about one third of the hands.

Here is the graph filtered for 50 & 100NL:

Even at those stakes I have lost a TON of free money through monkey tilt! I've lost count the number of guys I've lost 10+ buy-ins too in one session, which could easily have been avoided with a bit more discipline!

More recently I've been playing very well and hopefully will double my long term win-rate at these stakes. I've recently enlisted the help of coach and hopefully this will help me start doing as well at 200-1000NL. I must say after dabbling with coaches before how important it is to find a GOOD COACH, and not just anyone. It must be someone who compliments your game, and in my opinion someone having a different approach/mentality is very useful. My new coach has a VERY different approach to the game than me (I was very conventional), although I doubt I will ever play exactly like him, adding these elements to my game is proving to be exceptionally helpful.

This year has started well. And who knows... maybe this will be by 100k year! I hope so.

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