Wednesday, 2 January 2008

December Results

Since I’ve started playing some £ games it’s now a right pain the arse to make any decent graphs! You can enter exchange rates in poker tracker to change everything to dollars, but once you want to make graphs, etc, it all goes skew!

In any case, I didn’t play all that much online in December. Here is my poker tracker snapshot:

I played about 8K hands 6-max on Crypto and then the rest was $100 NL HU on Stars. All together about 17K hands but I lost a chunk of the crypto hands during some problems I had about a week ago. This missing hands included one big pot at £200 6-max, which I won!

I’ve really enjoyed playing heads-up cash. I’ve played thousands of HU SNG’s, but never really HU cash. As you can so far I’ve run pretty well. Here is a poker EV graph for the heads up play (includes a few days from January however):

At the start of the month I played a lot of live cash and was going really well. Towards the end however, I lost a huge pot – set over set – at 5-5PL!

I qualified for the fist leg of the GUKPT in Brighton too. That package is worth $2,750.

In a hurry so have to go.


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